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Village Hall

Office hours are Tuesday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. till 6:00 p.m.
Beginning March 3, 2014, hours will be Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. till 4:30 p.m.

The Staff at Village Hall consists of:

Village Manager

The Village of Jonesville established a council-manager form of government in 1988. The Village Council hires the manager and serves as the manager's supervisor. The manager is the chief administrative officer for the Village. The manager's position requires supervision over all departments and personnel. As the manager of a growing community, the manager position requires that a multitude of skills and knowledge of various aspects of public administration are needed. Numerous responsibilities include: economic development, downtown development, community development, public relations, financial oversight, project management, drafting policies and ordinances and serving as a Village representative on various boards and commissions.

Jeffrey M. Gray, Village Manager
Phone: 517.849.2104, Fax: 517.849.9037
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Finance Director/Treasurer

The Finance Director/Treasurer is responsible for monitoring all of the financial operations of the Village. Financial, clerical, and bookkeeping responsibilities include: financial planning; managing investments; preparing and distributing monthly financial statements, ensuring compliance with federal and state accounting standards; billing and collecting property taxes; assisting with preparing and maintaining the annual budget; working with auditors; handling information technology issues; preparing payroll; state and federal reports; assisting with Utility Billing and Cash Receipts; acting as Deputy Clerk; special projects; and assisting the Village Manager.

Lenore Spahr, Finance Director/Treasurer
Phone: 517.849.2104, Fax: 517.849.9037
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Clerk/Deputy Treasurer

The Clerk/Deputy Treasurer is responsible for records management and assisting with Treasurer duties including property tax collection and payroll. Responsibilities include preparation of reports and meeting agendas, meeting minutes and public contracts; record retention; all functions relating to utility billing including collecting and posting payments, bank deposits, processing past due notices, and NSF checks; processing zoning permits; balancing the cash drawer; public relations and referral; special projects; and assisting the Village Manager.

Cindy Means, Clerk/Deputy Treasurer
Phone: 517.849.2104, Fax: 517.849.9037
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Assistant to the Manager

The Assistant to the Manager is responsible for human resources functions, records management, and maintaining accounts payable records. Clerical and bookkeeping responsibilities include: receiving and processing invoices for payment; preparation of reports; dealing with insurance issues; worker's compensation and unemployment; special projects; and assisting the Village Manager.

Tim McLean, Assistant to the Manager
Phone: 517.849.2104, Fax: 517.849.9037
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Jeffrey M. Gray, Manager    Cindy Means, Clerk/Dep Treasurer  Lenore Spahr, Finance Dir/Treasurer     Tim McLean, Asst to the Manager

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