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City Hall

265 E. Chicago Street
Jonesville, MI 49250
(517) 849-2104
(517) 849-9037-Fax

Open Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

For emergencies please call 911 (including after hours water and sewer problems).

Department Phone Numbers:
Police Department:  (517) 849-2101
Fire Department:  (517) 849-9451
Department of Public Works:  (517) 849-9772
Wastewater Treatment Plant:  (517) 849-9450
Call 811 or 800-482-7171 before you dig (MISS DIG)!

News & Announcements
During winter months, please be mindful of our sidewalk and snow removal ordinance.  You could be ticketed if you are in violation.  The Ordinance reads as follows: 

Sec. 15-27. - Clearing of ice, snow, dirt and debris. All persons owning or occupying any lot or part thereof fronting any street where sidewalks are or may be hereafter constructed shall clear off and remove all accumulating ice and after an accumulation of two (2) inches of snow from such sidewalk so as to expose the full purpose thereof within thirty-six (36) hours after the end of a snow or ice event.

(Ord. of 6-12-50, § 7; Ord. No. 189, 5-2-01)